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November 25, 2019

In the latest iteration of the Utah tax reform proposal (unveiled Friday), our services are exempt from the sales tax! The maintenance and repair of real property (e.g. landscaping, painting, cleaning) provision has been removed.  UPMA sent 797 grassroots messages this month and 1,411 this year.  However, we will remain vigilant as the special session is expected to convene around December 12th.

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November 7, 2019

On Thursday, November 7, 2019, the Utah Legislature’s Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force unveiled a draft bill that would reduce income and corporate taxes, however, it would offset those cuts by taxing various service industries, including pest control. The Utah Pest Management Association supports common-sense tax cuts, however, our industry believes that taxing pest control services should be off the table. Utah should not be increasing the cost of protecting public health and property. We urge all Utah members and industry friends to participate in our grassroots campaign advocating against the sales tax on pest control services! Lawmakers hope to pass this proposal in a December special session. We will keep members apprised of developments.


March 2019

Utah Pest Management Association Defeats the Sales Tax!

The Utah Pest Management Association (UPMA) sent an impressive 614 grassroots messages to Utah lawmakers advocating against the sales tax on pest control services in HB 441. Additionally, long form written testimony was individually sent to all 104 lawmakers yesterday in a final push to kill the bill. Lawmakers decided to withdraw the bill last night and it is dead for this session! The efforts of UPMA are best illuminated by a local Utah news article with: "Pressure on lawmakers to vote against the bill… had been increasing in recent days, much of it coming from business owners and professionals who would have to charge sales taxes on their services." Our industry is proud of UPMA and all of the great things that they’ve been able to accomplish in their roughly one year of existence that includes passing pesticide preemption, increasing professionalism by adding experience and education requirements for business licenses, and defeating the sales tax on pest control services. Sending over 614 grassroots messages requires business owners, managerial level staff, technicians, support staff, and family members to be all-in on defending our beloved industry—and UPMA defended their industry with gusto. If your state has a sales tax issue that you would like to address, NPMA has a successful playbook and would love to join you in the fight.  

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